A flagship UK government programme, Mobilising Institutional Capital Through Listed Product Structures (MOBILIST) supports investment solutions that help deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the climate transition. MOBILIST competitively sources and selects dedicated emerging and frontier market investment products. Our team supports these products to list on global and local public exchanges. By demonstrating products’ commercial viability, we build momentum for developing country investment opportunities at scale.

MOBILIST identifies blockages impeding viable products from listing. We use equity capital, technical assistance and the UK government’s backing to address barriers and create the environment needed for products to list on public markets and stock exchanges. MOBILIST is guided by the core principles of scalability, replicability, commercial viability, additionality and feasibility. We look to bring products to market that are attractive to mainstream investors and that, at the same time, enable investors and investees to help tackle the pressing social, economic and environmental challenges facing our world.

We bring the development, investment and government communities together to unleash the potential of public markets. MOBILIST works with issuers, asset owners, asset managers and their intermediaries to act as a bridge: to each other, policymakers, new market participants and investors.

We don’t just invest capital and expertise. We conduct original research to guide and validate our work as well as share lessons and experiences. Our market-driven data and research is publicly available and designed to inform the investment and policy communities.

MOBILIST is a great initiative by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and UK government. The Least Developed Countries Group much appreciates it as we are looking for innovative financing ideas that will bring the money for climate adaptation and mitigation to the people who need it.

Ambassador Perks Ligoya

Malawi Ambassador and Chair of the Least Developed Countries Group, United Nations



Even before COVID-19, financing for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was falling $2.5 trillion short. In 2020 alone, the annual SDG financing gap for emerging and developing economies grew by a further $3.7 trillion.

To meet development goals and finance the climate transition, the public and private sectors must collaborate closely and innovate to mobilise capital. Together, we must use a broad range of tools and mechanisms to create investment opportunities that align with the Global Goals.

Institutional investors hold over $100 trillion in assets globally. Developing new pathways for these assets to unlock new profitable opportunities in emerging and developing markets could direct capital where it is needed most and help fill the SDG financing gap.


of the world's population lived in an ‘emerging economy' country in 2020.1


of total GDP in ‘emerging economy’ countries in 2020.2


of global pension assets were invested in emerging economies in 2018.3


¹ IMF World Economic Outlook, Oct 2020. ² IMF World Economic Outlook, Oct 2020. ³ UNCTAD, World Investment Report, 2018

‘Emerging’ and developing economies contribute significantly to global growth. Rapid urbanisation and growing human capital across these markets present significant investment opportunities in commodities, education, energy, health, infrastructure, logistics, natural capital and real estate.

Despite impressive economic growth and flourishing assets in many developing economies, these markets are underrepresented on public exchanges and within institutional investment portfolios. For example, across leading international financial centres, including London, there are relatively few dedicated African and limited ‘developing’ Asian listed investment opportunities.

Comprising 90% of most large-scale institutional portfolios, listed products dominate the finance universe for institutional and retail investors alike. Transparent, cost-effective and open, listed products provide a powerful source of capital for global development and the climate transition.


MOBILIST Investments

Unlocking the development potential of listed products

Through the MOBILIST programme, the UK government invests equity capital and helps address technical barriers to listing


Building sustainable emerging and frontier market finance ecosystems

MOBILIST produces evidence to guide emerging and frontier market investment


Fund managers

Asset owners

Asset managers


Issuers and brokers

Development finance institution professionals

Stock exchange members


MOBILIST is the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) flagship public market mobilisation programme and receives the full support of the UK government.

Through MOBILIST, the FCDO seeks to demonstrate that listed products can deliver the large-scale institutional flow of capital to help finance the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate transition.

Alongside British International Investments and the Private Infrastructure Development Group, MOBILIST is a part of the UK’s British Investment Partnerships toolkit.

MOBILIST has been endorsed as a ‘Market-Making Initiative’ by Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), a practitioner-led, global coalition of financial sector institutions and their industry alliances working together to enable the world’s transition to a net-zero economy. GFANZ is Co-Chaired by Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, and Michael R. Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions and Race to Zero Ambassador.



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