Lion’s Head Global Partners

Lion’s Head Global Partners provides investment banking and financial advisory services to drive sustainable economic development globally. Founded in 2008, Lion’s Head Global Partners has a long history of advising development finance institutions, Sovereigns, corporates and foundations.

We help clients overcome strategic and financing challenges, use innovative finance to mobilise private sector investment and execute ‘first-of-their-kind’ transactions across emerging and frontier markets. Lion’s Head supports clients with the design and structuring of investment vehicles, raising capital from public and private sources, providing strategic financial advice and conducting market assessments and feasibility studies.


Lion’s Head Global Partners’ core offerings include:

  • Development Finance – Development Finance lies at the core of all that Lion’s Head does. Within this focus area, Lion’s Head provides financial advisory services to Multilateral Development Institutions, Donor countries and their Development Finance institutions.
  • Climate Finance – Climate Finance is the only scalable solution to the energy transition and achieving the Paris Goals. Lion’s Head is working to structure innovative solutions to bring climate finance to underserved markets, unlocking new investment opportunities to drive sustainable growth.
  • Global Health – Lion’s Head has been at the forefront of innovation in Global Health since its inception. The firm has a specialisation in the field of new vaccines but is also active in advising on the financing of new drugs, antimicrobial resistance and new diagnostics.
  • Capital Market Development – The listed capital markets represent the largest potential untapped source of finance for sustainable economic development. Lion’s Head is working with private and public clients to support capital market development across frontier and emerging markets.
  • Sovereign Finance – Lion’s Head has a strong tradition of supporting Sovereigns to access the international capital markets via transaction advice and ratings support. We provide a full suite of services to Ministries of Finance covering private placements, PPP, and development finance facilities.


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