MOBILIST Research Strategy

MOBILIST’s catalytic investment in pioneering products is complemented with strategic research, policy and communications. MOBILIST’s Research Strategy defines objectives and strategic priorities for the MOBILIST research stream, ensuring that the initiative delivers a programme of quality, impactful knowledge outputs.

MOBILIST’s initial funding cycle extends for more than five years and MOBILIST’s mission will remain relevant beyond this period. This Strategy does not seek to define a detailed research plan over such an extended horizon. Rather, it seeks to reflect the dynamic policy and investment landscape, where multiple actors embark upon the same or similar objectives and combined learning advances and evolve constantly. This Strategy defines principles, strategic objectives and delivery modalities to anchor all research activities.

MOBILIST’s Research Strategy is structured around three pillars:

Pillar 1

Supporting MOBILIST’s ‘Source, Select and Support’ (S3) process. MOBILIST will back a series of pioneering emerging and frontier market products through to listing. MOBILIST Research will generate data and analysis that helps identify a pool of products with the potential to list and perform over the long-term, prioritise amongst this pool, and progress to listing five or more such products.

Pillar 2

Enhancing market infrastructure and the enabling environment. To ensure sustainability, MOBILIST will investigate barriers and opportunities in public market infrastructure (e.g. transparency, governance, cost, liquidity, regulation) that inhibit or enable listing of high-potential products and shape the performance of products once listed.

Pillar 3

Thought leadership. MOBILIST Research will deliver a targeted programme of analysis to position the programme and its partners at the forefront of the global discussion on climate and SDG financing.