Request for Proposal: Design Research on Index Construction

Opportunity to submit a proposal to design/construct a pilot investment index to capture opportunities for growth and diversification by investing in emerging markets and developing economies.

Chemonics Group UK Ltd is soliciting proposals for work under FCDO’s flagship Mobilising Institutional Capital Through Listed Product Structures (MOBILIST) programme, a 5-year £4m programme managed by Chemonics in collaboration with Lion’s Head Global Partners, and funded by the UK FCDO in partnership with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).  The MOBILIST Platform seeks to create the evidence base to help guide the growth of sustainable finance and direct finance towards where it is needed most: developing countries.

The project requires an organisation to Design/Construct a pilot investment Index to capture opportunities for growth and diversification by investing in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies.  The anticipated start date for this assignment is o/a February 27, 2024.

Written questions should be submitted to [email protected] no later than 5.00 pm on 24 January 2024.  Responses to questions will be provided by 26 January 2024. Full details on the proposal and project requirements are available here.

Please submit proposals to [email protected] and reference the above-identified RFP number (MOBILIST-RFP-008). The deadline for offers in response to this RFP is 5.00 pm EST time on 09 February 2024.